A downloadable siren head

A short, survival siren head game. You play as an FBI agent, trying to find mising people in an abadoned village. But you will soon realize that the population is 2. You and siren head.


Distant Siren.rar 100 MB


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siren head low key is the best...

I might just be the worst FBI agent ever. Played through many Siren Games this was one of them. Timestamp for this game: 09:10 - 12:10

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Been there done it! I think.... 5 clues good enough? It's the first game of the 3. Well done but found a lot of walkable stuff that were not supposed to be. Fun and spooky since he is sneaky as hell! XD

So empty and strange FBI business practices but not bad! 4:23 Distant Siren by gernermale in


This is probably a silly question, but how do you play .rar files?


You'll have to extract the files with WinRAR or something similar, and then you should get a file you can actually play. Or you can download the Itch.io desktop client and install the game that way, which should  bypass the need for doing anything special with the .rar file.

first downlaod win rar and after you downlaod win rar right click this file and find extract and that is it ez

Lots of siren games

What if siren head gets into the basement 

Game got me a couple times, that Siren Head is a sneaky dude! Starts at 11:31!

I played two Siren head Games!

the FBI should be looking for onii chan


A Siren Head Android Game that you can Play everyehere! Wouldnt it be great?

SirenHead Video available on channel meanwhile.

I like this take on the siren head games. Very good, even got jumped scared by our good friend mr. siren head.

played this one its pretty good it was a lot better than i expected. Your game is the 2nd one i played

Hey I played this game on my channel! I screamed alot lol! Go check it out! Thank you!

this was a good game 


The massive cover-up begins as one ends. The FBI uses me to cover their tracks while the terrible truth behind my relationship with Siren Head is revealed D:

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Oh my god that was scary. I loved the mechanics of it!

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Hey! I did a short let's play of this! Really fun game! Check it out below!